The Starry Story

The Starry Co. was founded in 2020, in Singapore, with the mission to bring you locally-designed Diamond Simulant pieces for your everyday wear. 

Every piece is thoughtfully designed from scratch, and uses our high-quality diamond simulants. Our pieces shine with the same level of brilliance and luxury of real, naturally-mined diamonds, all without the hefty price tag.

A word from Our Founder 

Hey love,

Thank you for being here with me,

growing up and becoming a woman in a changing world can be tough. There are so many challenges that we face, from societal expectations to personal struggles, that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and uncertain

But through it all, there is one thing that can always bring a little sparkle of joy to me and that is Starry and I hope you will feel it through our pieces and my heart. Whether it's a necklace, a pair of Huggies , or a Solitare ring, Starry to me has the power to add a little bit of magic to our everyday lives.

I will strive to create pieces that are not just accessories, but symbols of strength and individuality. Our jewelry is designed to inspire you, to remind you of your inner beauty and to help you face the world with grace and confidence everyday