How to properly care for your pieces taking care of your beautiful diamond simulant pieces does not take hours of work simply follow these tips below and your high quality jewellery jewelry pieces should stay as brilliant and beautiful as the day you brought them home as new remove your jewellery when doing physical activities diamond simulants are durable enough for everyday wear but to make sure they do not tarnish or chip remove any jewellery when doing physical activities where you might knock avoid harsh chemicals soap and salt water your beautiful diamond simulants pieces will never rust that is the wonder of the starry co however if you constantly expose your jewellery pieces to lotions chemicals and soaps they might become cloudy and tarnished to keep your high quality pieces tarnish free and brilliantly bright avoid the following harsh soaps chlorine saltwater perfumes hand lotion harsh chemicals avoid exposure to extreme temperature extreme heat or cold can make your jewellery contract or expand after some time this could loosen or detach your beautiful diamond simulant cleaning your jewellery well each TSC piece comes with a complimentary polish cloth which you can use to wipe your jewellery with whenever it needs some extra shine you can also give your jewelry pieces a light wash all you need is lukewarm water mild soap toothbrush and a soft towel soak your jewellery pieces in the water for 5 to 10 minutes and use a toothbrush to softly brush the jewellery piece in circular motion storage tips while you are not wearing your beautiful diamond simulant pieces keep them in a dry cool place where they do not tarnish or scratch a jewellery box or soft satin pouch keep them out of direct natural sunlight damp and heat